Jaw-Dropping Spots in Bali, Indonesia

Visiting Bali?

Read our guide of two of the most beautiful places in the gorgeous city of Indonesia – Bali – that are dripping with history, studded with ancient monuments and lush with greenery that’s just stunning.

1. Kuta Beach

If you talk about the most popular place in Bali, Kuta beach comes to mind almost immediately. Known as Bali’s premier vacation destination, it a hubspot for tourists who are enamoured by one of the most amazing looking and well-maintained beaches there that is a super long stretch of sandy gloriousness.
Surfing is the ultimate hobby here and the crowd is always present – day or night.

2. Mount Batur

Want a view that you’ll treasure forever? Head to Mount Batur – one of the most dramatic landscapes on the island of Bali that is a 5633-feet high majestic looking active volcano with 4 craters and a gorgeous lake around it. but not the highest peak there.

Climb to the top for experiencing a memorable breathtaking sunset.